ypsilon3. We are the engineers

Living up to the reputation

ypsilon3 supplies engineering solutions for virtually all technical projects and tasks. Founded in 2007 by industry insiders, the owner-managed company has enjoyed an exceptional reputation from the start.

Almost 200 engineers continue to work on it every day. We see new projects as a sporting challenge. When a new project calls, we do not have to look for the right staff. When the call comes, we are ready.

Demanding. But reliable

ypsilon3 works for renowned companies, and is itself an attractive employer. With exceptional salaries, and both traditional and unusual benefits. But above all, ypsilon3 offers a secure job in a collegial atmosphere characterised by mutual understanding and cooperation. We value the development skills of our colleagues, because their work is very demanding. They take care of the project, and we take care of them.

Lateral thinking, a direct approach

Projects come and go. This is why hiring and firing is not our idea of how a successful company should be run. Our engineers are valued for their broad range of experience, and for their ability to think laterally. We are proud of our colleagues, each of whom justifies our standing in the technology industries.

From another perspective

Our business partners come from the following sectors: automotive, transportation, energy, industry, chemical, medical, telecommunication. Our engineers are found whereever there is a demand for technical applications with passion.